An elite talent acquisition firm

MBK is a boutique search firm with practice areas in risk management, audit, compliance, and operations. Native to the niches that we serve, we’re one step ahead at finding the crème de la crème for our international client base which includes some of the world’s largest technology companies, financial services organizations, banks, insurers, asset managers, law firms, consulting providers, and accounting partnerships.

What we do

We help clients meet critical hiring objectives

We do this through sourcing talent that can immediately provide value and support existing mandates and business needs. Our expertise and network spans industries and we partner with any client who is specifically looking for highly qualified professionals in the risk, audit, compliance, and operational talent market.


The ring of fire in our process and structure of what we do.

Intimately understand your job requisitions

Rapid and consistent submission of qualified talent to your roles

Weekly search status reports and key performance indicators

Dedication to searches until the roles are filled

Our Expertise, Our Purpose

This is how we solve the problem

The Problem

Hiring teams in our areas of expertise are often faced with a variety of human capital challenges.

Most of which, inhibit their ability to achieve organizational objectives and execute upon core mandates. Quality talent is extremely difficult to come by and, in many cases, traditional methods have by and large failed in today's hyper-competitive market which puts their critical requirements in jeopardy.

The Solution

We provide talent sourcing for clients who require targeted human capital solutions in order to meet their key challenges head on.

As industry practitioners and search experts, we are uniquely positioned to understand your roles and rapidly provide qualified talent that add immediate value on behalf of our clients. MBK Search is committed to implementing a robust, flexible and proven talent solution that will fill your critical job requirements.