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15 April 2024
Supreme Court's Omissions Ruling—What it Means for GRC Professionals
Shareholders can't sue a company for remaining silent on risks or trends that might have a material impact on its business, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled. What impact will this have on GRC professionals?
11 April 2024
Breaking Down the FDIC's Latest Strategy for Managing Big Bank Failures
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has published its playbook for resolving large banks. Here are the highlights for GRC pros: 
10 April 2024
CFPB Urges Regulation of Video Game Virtual Marketplaces
Is it time to level up risk management in gaming? The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) thinks so. What are the issues the CFPB raises and what should GRC professionals be talking about? MBK Search looks at the data.
29 March 2024
Bank of England Survey: Geopolitics and Cyber Risks Reign Supreme
The Bank of England released its biannual Systemic Risk Survey for the first half of 2024 on Wednesday, highlighting the evolving risk landscape faced by the UK financial system. Here are the key takeaways for GRC professionals:
25 March 2024
What England's football regulator means for GRC
The long-awaited Football Governance Bill, a historic piece of legislation aimed at reforming the governance of men's elite football in England, has been introduced to the UK Parliament. Here's what it will look like when the bill becomes law.
14 March 2024
How TikTok could still operate in the U.S. if ban becomes law
The U.S. House of Representatives has taken a significant step towards potentially banning TikTok in the United States. If enacted, the legislation would require ByteDance, the Chinese parent company of the popular social media platform, to divest its controlling interest in TikTok within six months. Failure to comply with this demand would result in the app being prohibited from operating in the country. MBK Search has compiled this explainer of what the bill says and what TikTok would need to do in order to show compliance.
6 March 2024
The 4 things AML teams must focus on in 2024
MBK Search's Michael Oliver sat down with Senior AML Product Expert at Nasdaq Verafin Corey Lynch to discuss the challenge. These are four key takeaways for firms:
28 February 2024
More appetite for counterparty credit risk needed, says Fed VC
The Fed's Vice Chair for Supervision, Michael S. Barr, has outlined four key priorities for firms looking to sure-up their counterparty credit risk management.
29 January 2024
Lessons for Risk in Deloitte regulatory outlook
The SEC recently adopted rules 3a5-4 and 3a44-2 that aim to capture proprietary trading firms, hedge funds, and potentially other entities that actively provide liquidity in securities markets but are not registered as broker-dealers. The rules could have significant implications for firms in these spaces. MBK Search has compiled this explainer on the changes and what firms demonstrate to be compliant.
23 January 2024
SEC Spotlights "Patchwork" Private Offering Rules for Overhaul
SEC Commissioner Mark Uyeda recently outlined his vision for rethinking private securities offerings to aid startups and retail investors. Governance, risk management, and compliance teams should note several dimensions covered that could reshape oversight duties.