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The possibilities of modern air conditioners

Modern air conditioners can not only cool, but also heat the premises. Experts recommend using air conditioners to heat the premises during transition periods, i.e. In our climate in spring and autumn. Then this is the most practical process proportional to operational costs. What are the possibilities of modern air conditioners? ABC of air conditioning - Split and Multosplit
When we are just starting to delve into knowledge of air conditioning, it often turns out that this seemingly simple question is not so simple. So, let's start with the basics. The simplest air conditioner consists of two blocks: internal (evaporator) and external (capacitor). These blocks are connected to each other with two pipes filled with a refrigerant. Split-confectionor has individual food and serves only one room (for example, an office). Multi split air conditioning: here we have several internal blocks associated with one external unit. Each of the internal blocks (similarly to a split system of air conditioning) is connected by two pipes with an external unit-this is a connection in a parallel system. Thus, one multi-split air conditioning system can serve several different rooms. Each internal block is controlled individually. Therefore, if cooling is required for more than one room, we must choose a multi-split air conditioning system. What do modern air conditioners give us?
A very wide range of devices can be connected as internal blocks to the split and multi-split-confectioners. Manufacturers offer wall, channel, cassette air conditioners, ceiling devices, etc. console. This variety inspires us, but not only it. Currently, inverter technology used in modern air conditioners from leading manufacturers is gaining more and more popularity. This makes it possible to smoothly adjust the performance of the device in accordance with the actual temporary need for cooling or heat. This is possible thanks to frequency converters - they align the operation of the electric motor. The compressor of an inverter air conditioner can work with variable power, eating from direct current. The system is more efficient and provides greater energy savings compared to alternating current engines. So it is safe to say that the air conditioner is gradually becoming more and more affordable, because we are no longer scared by the operational costs of devices. Looking for abroad bride from Europe? Best chats with russian women with real reviews. Free and Paid. Find best Russian dating sites now.