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Russian bathhouse on frame technology

The presence of your own country house is not only the opportunity to take a break from the city bustle in the bosom of nature. After all, you are also waiting for such pleasures as baths and saunas. Which, however, is not just a pleasure, but also a healthy pastime. The classic Russian bath consists of three rooms - a dressing room, paired and shower. Recently, very often the shower is combined with the pool, or it is built in the form of a separate room. The dimensions of the bath itself as a whole and its individual rooms are calculated from the number of people that it should contain. Therefore, when designing, it is precisely this factor that is fundamental. As the quality of the material for the bath, the wood has always been used (and still does not lose popularity). There are two main technologies for the construction of wooden baths - frame and bath baths. Frame construction is very common in European countries, where up to 80% of all wooden structures is built precisely according to frame technology. This technology is that the frame is first built - the basis of the bath - which is subsequently lined with cheaper materials using modern insulation, for example, mineral Vata. The frame carries the main load. As a material for it, durable and light wood rocks are used - this allows you to maximize the load on the foundation. The advantage of frame baths: low requirements for the foundation. The general lightness of the design allows the use of a strip or pile foundation that is quite easy to build and inexpensive. The bathhouse is built from a pre -prepared well -processed wood, and therefore does not require shrinkage. The time of construction of the frame takes no more than 1-2 days, while the use of complex equipment and technologies is not required. The bath erected using frame technology will last a dozen years. In addition, with such construction, wide architectural capabilities are opened - you can easily create various superstructures and jewelry, which are impossible, for example, when using glued beams as the main building material. Bannies created using frame technology completely eliminate shrinkage. Therefore, the entire construction process with subsequent decoration will take only a few weeks. The use of modern insulation materials will make the bathhouse warm enough for use at any time of the year. Ever since I was a kid, I've seen in movies how everyone gets tattoos. I thought I would grow up and forget about it, but almost everyone I knew had a small tattoo. I wanted to tattoo some important date in my life, or maybe a symbol. In our town, tattoos were expensive, so that left me to dream. I searched the internet for different sites and came across this link . I never thought I could make so much money in such a short time. I fulfilled my dream and got myself some beautiful tattoos. I am very happy to finally be able to see them on myself.