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Top Five Remote Interview Tips

Preparing for a remote interview can cause stress for many people, but following a few simple tips can prevent much of this anxiety. Like many other things in life, the true key to remote interviews is preparation. Here are five simple tips to follow to be prepared for your next remote interview: Continue reading

MBK Spotlight – Referral Program

At MBK Search, we deeply value the relationships that we have with our extensive network of industry professionals. As such, whenever someone in our community passes along a trusted referral we want them to have full confidence that their colleague

Internal Audit Market Outlook – Q1 & Q2 2021

The market for internal auditors continues to be hot going into the two quarters of 2021. As economic concerns and COVID uncertainties decrease, we anticipate that the demand for strong talent will only increase as companies loosen purse strings and job seekers decide to start looking again. Continue reading

Five Ways to Prepare for a Phone Interview

Prior to the interview, it is important to address the key challenges that phone interviews present to potential candidates. These problems are not issues you have to worry about in live situations so it is best to deal with them

Post Trade-Ops Not Just for Traders Anymore

Post-trade operations is evolving beyond its status as a stepping-stone to the front-lines of trading. As the front office slashes staff, the back office is quickly becoming an attractive career path for new entrants into the financial services sector. But

Five Things to Look for When Hiring GRC Professionals

Choosing the right person to hire is incredibly difficult, regardless of what industry you are in. In the world of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), the consequences of a hiring manager making poor decisions are huge and can have a

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