5 Sure-fire Ways to Prep for Your Onsite Interview

September 2018 Candidate Advice

Preparing for an onsite interview can be nerve-racking for anyone. Whether you are a person starting to job hunt, or you are an individual re-entering the job market after a hiatus, feelings of uncertainty are common.

Preparing for an onsite interview can be nerve-racking for anyone. Whether you are a person starting to job hunt, or you are an individual re-entering the job market after a hiatus, feelings of uncertainty are common.

For individuals who have maintained the same position over the course of many years, preparing for an interview can seem foreign. However, like anything else, freshening up on your skills can help to ensure that you obtain the career you are pursuing. Below are five sure-fire ways to help you prepare for a successful onsite interview.

1. Research the Company

Before heading to your interview, check out the company's website. Acquire the most insight you can get about the company. Understand the logistics of the business and garner as much in-depth information about them as possible, such as their founders, key staff, where they are based and any other sites, what branch your position falls under.

Get an understanding of how they started. Compare competitors and see how the company you are interviewing for supersedes their rivals. Search deeply into what they do and if you can, gain an understanding of their consumers.

2. Understand What the Position Involves

Prior to the interview, research what the job entails. Understand the responsibilities of the person in the position, since during the meeting your interviewers will ask questions surrounding the job's duties and your experience. In advance, prepare yourself for such queries by drawing connections to your skills to illustrate how appropriate you are for the position.

3. Arrive Prepared & With Time to Spare

On the day of the interview, be aware of where you are going. Arrive looking sharp and with plenty of time available before your meeting. Also, be prepared with additional copies of your resume in the event you are asked for one.

Relax and remember you were called in for a reason. Your resume stood out to the recruiter of the company, and this should be comforting. The purpose of the interview is for them to gain a better understanding of who you are and see what you can bring to the company, based on your experiences and skills.

4. Make a Good Impression

Once you arrive at your interview, this is your time to make an impression. Be courteous and interact warmly with everyone you meet, which includes the workers at reception and the individual that greets you before the interview. Smile and exude confidence, since this is your time to shine.

Before the interview begins, partake in small talk with the interviewer and wait for them to commence with the interview. They are trying to get to know you, so remember that the central questions they want to be answered throughout this meeting are the following:

How can you solve the company's problems and what can you do for us?

  • Can we trust you?
  • Do you care about this industry, our business, its people?
  • Will you be committed to this job and our company?

Be ready with answers, but don’t sound too practiced or not genuine; your responses should be honest, thorough, and relevant.

5. Follow Up

A great practice to adopt is following up after the meeting. To aid with your follow-up, take mental notes during the interview. With this information, you can write a short letter demonstrating to the recruiter that you listened to and addressed the details about the position that were provided to you.

In the letter, you can also refresh their memory of how your skills and experiences will relate to the job. Overall, by sending the recruiter this note, you are encouraging them to remember you, view you as a thoughtful and courteous professional, and ultimately consider you for the position.

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