Top Five Remote Interview Tips

Preparing for a remote interview can cause stress for many people, but following a few simple tips can prevent much of this anxiety. Like many other things in life, the true key to remote interviews is preparation. Here are five simple tips to follow to be prepared for your next remote interview:

  1. Prepare your environment

The first step for a successful remote interview is to prepare the environment that you will be interviewing in. Make sure your background is clean and professional with good lighting, and make sure children, pets, and other people stay away from the room during the interview. Even though you might be taking the interview from home, it is important to show the interviewer that you are still being professional, and that you have a good environment to work from home. Having a lot of distractions in your environment might distract the interviewer and cause them to think you aren’t taking the interview seriously.

  1. Have the correct technology and equipment

The second step to prepare for your remote interview is to make sure you have all the right technology and equipment. First, make sure you have a fast and stable internet connection. If you don’t have a fast and stable internet connection, you will need to take the interview in another location that does have good internet. Also, make sure that your video conferencing software, whether it is Zoom, Google Hangouts, or another platform, is fully updated before the interview. You do not want to be late to the interview because of an update as this could make the interviewer question your preparation. Lastly, make sure you have a pair of headphones that you can use during the interview in case of issues with audio or background noise, and keep a charger with you in case your device runs low on battery.

  1. Test your technology

The third key for a remote interview is to test your technology before the interview. Even if you think you have everything you need for the interview, it never hurts to test out your technology before the interview. You never know what kind of technical issues you could run into and you don’t want a technical issue to ruin your interview. It is important to test your video conferencing software before the interview to make sure both your video and audio are clear and stable.

  1. Prepare any materials

The fourth tip for a remote interview is to prepare any materials you might need for the interview. You do not want to pause the interview to look for something on your computer or shuffle through papers during the interview. If you think you will need to look at something during the interview, print it out beforehand and make sure it is easily accessible during the interview. Having your materials ready and being able to access them quickly will make you appear much more prepared and will impress the interviewer.

  1. Dress professionally

The final tip for your remote interview is to remember to dress appropriately. Many people who have been working from home have grown used to dressing more casually, but it is very important to look presentable and professional for the interview. Dressing appropriately will show the interviewer that you are taking the interview seriously, and it is another way of showing your preparation for the interview.

If you follow these simple tips for your next remote interview, you will feel more confident due to your preparation, and you will impress your interviewer. Once the interview starts, you will know you did everything to prepare and you can simply stay calm and make a great impression.